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More Spectrogram Picture Samples

Well, ON4ZK can be clearly spotted at 137.730 kHz (June 19, 1999), but can you see Dave, G3XDV on 137.700 (just between the two lines marking 137.695/137.705 kHz)? Yes, he's there. I am still playing around to find the best parameters for Spectrogram 5.0, so I hope for some improvement! (Signal on the left is the end of my call and the letter "k").
Here is another shot of Mike, G3XDV's signal, after he improved his antenna slightly (and I figured out how to set the Spectrogram 5.0 parameters ... June 20, 1999). Again, ON4ZK keeps calling cq some 25 Hz above Mike's signal.
Well, Mike, that's some improvement isn't it! (G3XDV in our first 2-way QSO, July 17,1999)



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