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May 6, 2006 Added a page for the DI2BO medium wave experimentalstation operating on 440 kHz.

May 1, 2003

During the past few days I achieved quite a loton LF, finally worked Sam, RN6BN and increased my ODX to 2242 km. Sam was able to copy my Slow-HELL-Signal (thanks Markus for providing the program!). After optimizing my Antenna matching circuit I now have a loss resistance of only about 40 Ohms and can achieve antenna currents of over 3 Amperes at an output of 350 Watt, leading to an ERPof about 350 mW. This page now had 22.757 visitors since April 1999.I thank each and every of them for their interest. 

April 21, 2003

Re-erected my 18 m high umbrella antenna again after a storm in October brought it down. Now, after six months absensefrom the LF band new stations have arrived and I worked a few of them,for example DL3JMM, SM1LCA, YU7AR, RU6LA and OK1DWF, I saw RN6BN in QRSS.With RU6LA I reached my new QDX with 2113 km, working with an EMPR of onlyabout 150 mW (!) because my antenna current is only 1.5 Amperes at themoment. UA6 is my DXCC-country No. 21 on LF!

October 14, 2002

Edited some links, minor changes, mainly just to show that I am still there!

March 30/31, 2002

An exciting weekend ... Ed, RU6LA and a crew ofLF novices tried to operate from a location 2113 km away from here using a 135m high antenna tower and the callsign RU6LWZ. They caused a lot ofattention and a big pileup! Also saw YO2IS very weak in QRSS. Worked PA3CPMas a new one.

March 18, 2002

From Ko, NL9222 I bought a DSP56002EVM Modem andI am doing tests in PSK31 and PSK08 to check if this dedicated modem performs any better than a soundblaster. Worked Carl, DJ3QO as a new one. On March 4, 2002 I had a nice crossmode/crossband QSO withLaurie. G3AQC. He transmitted Jason on 71.800 kHz, I replied in plain CWon 136.500 kHz.

February 24, 2002

Worked Giulio, IK2DED yesterday in QRSS. I transmitted in DFCW. After finding out why my Hagenuk EX-1001 Exciter has some FM on the tranmissions I cured this and triedout several modes that are transmitted with an SSB transmitter. I had anice crossmode QSO with Fabian, DJ1YFK, he transmitted QRSS, I repliedin Slow-Hell, developed by DF6NM. I also had a crossmode QSO with Klaus,DN1VLF, and finally a HELL/HELL QSO in Slow HELL with Dave, G3YXM (another"first" I believe ...).

February 17, 2002

Worked Edgar, DL2HRE yesterday as a new one. His 20 Watt signal was 339.

February 14, 2002

Ran a few tests in HELL mode, tried a QSO qithG3YXM but the signal to noise ratio was too low. But Ko, NL9222, Wolf, DL4YHF and Uwe, DJ8WX copied my signal.

February 9, 2002

Updated a few links .

January 15, 2002

Added some information about JASON, a new modedeveloped by I2PHD and VK2ZTO (more information at http://www.weaksignals.com/jason).SawDave, G3YXM transmitting JASON. 

January 13, 2002

After I managed to repair my PA again (yes, guesswhat: it had blown up again last week during a transatlantic test ... Iam running out of IRFP450s and have ordered 10 new ones ...) I checkedmy station thouroughly today and made some nice contacts .I worked both, Jim, M0BMU as well as Fabian, DJ1YFK for the first timein "real" CW.

January 12, 2002

Finally  managed to contact Jeff, F6BWO today,my first French station and my country #20 on LF!

January 5, 2002

I have added some information on the VLFsection.

January 2, 2002

Added the information about Markus' DF6NM's succesfulAtlantic crossing as the first German station to be copied accross thepond. A happy New Year to all of you!

December 29, 2001

Added information about the 8800Hz experiments carried out by KD4RLD and W4DEX. Updated the bandplanfor 135.7 - 137.8 kHz (thanks to Dave, G3YMC for the hint).

December 2, 2001

Changed the layout of my web-page to make navigationa bit easier (... and it did cost a lot of sweat ... I am more familiarin other things than HTML ...)

October 31, 2001 ("Halloween")

Worked Fabian, DJ1YFK in a crossmode QSO Slow-CW/Fast-CW (Fabian with his 17 years is presumably the youngest LF amateur in Europe, he is a CW High Speed enthusiast). Also got a reception report from Dieter, DL4DSS from Southern Germany, more than 500 km away, through the "Convers"-mode on the Packet Radio netweork. LF enthusiasts meet on channel 136!

October 24, 2001

Today I finally worked G4CNN.It took a while, using 10-second dots inSlow-CW ,but it worked. Congrats, John!

October 22, 2001

Tried to work G4CNN,but without success. We will give it a nother try ...

October 14, 2001

Worked DK7SU as a newone. Also had a short QSO with Rich, OM2TW. Called CQ in PSK31 and was copied by DL6SN (saw the report on the Packet Radio DX-Cluster). LF-newcomer DJ1YFK heard my CW signals.

October 13, 2001

Finally, after about 2 years of waiting, I workedmy country #19, Finbar, EI0CF. KeithRogers asked in my guestbook,if I had some information on VLF and LF station transmitted time signals,so I added an externallink. Also worked OH1TN again.

October 7, 2001

Summer is over ... summer-vacation too ... duringsummer vacation, my LF antenna came down due to a storm. Since that timeI had a lot of qrl, but now I had time to repair my antenna and I am backon LF!

March 25, 2001

Worked ON7ZO as a new-one.Participaed in the transatlantic test (without being heard or seen at theother side of the pond). I used my Hagenuk EX-2001 Exciter and injected an accurate audio frequency, only to realize that I produced the following signal that Uwe, DJ8WX recorded (the upper signal).

... it seems I need to work a little bit on mysignal stability ... although it is easy to recognize.

Rich, OM2TWvisited me. He operated as DL/OM2TW and we had some enjoyable time.


January 30, 2001

Moved the homepage to a new server, should be faster now (and I havegot more space). Counter at 7927!

January 22, 2001

Worked two new stations, I5TGC in Slow-CW and OK1MRS in CW.

January 14, 2001

Added and updated some links. Put a Spectrogram-screenshot of the trans-Atlantic tests on my front page.

January 6, 2001

Added some links. WorkedHB9DCE as a new one today. Got SWL reports fromDL5SBW and DK6JL by e-mail.

January 2, 2001

I have added a legal disclaimer regarding the links posted on my web-site.German courts have rules that the owner of a website is also responsible for all pages to whom he has installed hyperlinks to, unless he puts adisclaimer on his page .... silly world of lawyers!

January 1, 2001

Last year was a successful and exciting year on LF, dozens of new stationsworkedor heard, or my signal was heardby them.The reception of several UK stations on 73 kHz led to succesful crossbandQSOs. After receiving a special permit (one of five issued in DL) for 1W ERP I further improved my power (now 150 mW EMRP, approx. 350 mW ERP). I added various new modes to my transmitting capabilities .First tests on 8900 - 9000 Hz were conducted (and the tests still willbe continued as soon as weather permits ...). For the first time an LFsignal from North America to Europe was identified.Yesterday I conducted the first Slow-VoiceQSO on LF with Markus, DF6NM, using compressed audio with a bandwidht of250 Hz. The counter of this page (created April 2, 1999) climbed to 7357visitors today. And I enjoyed the friendship and friendly assistance ofthe LF-community worldwide! A happy new year to you all!

December 28, 2000

Added some information about the Hagenuk EX 1001SSB Exciter on the page describing my station setup .My signal was heard by HA6PC and F6BWO, unfortunately I could hear neither of them. HA6PC reported via the Packet Radio DX Cluster that he will have more power in January. Continued to listen to VE1ZZsbeacon tranmissions, however with less success than last time due to higherlocal noise level.

December 23, 2000

Did not have much time to update the pages, despitesome interesting happenings. Worked GI3KEV/p as a new one (first GI/DL?). Heard the GU-dxpedition ... and they saw my QRSS signal, but we did notmanage a QSO.

Got hold of a Hagenuk EX 1001 SSB Exciter thatdelivers 100 mW USB/LSB and A1A between 100 kHz and 30 MHz in 100 Hz steps.Got it running with a TDA2030 as buffer (2 to 4 Watts, thanks to OM2TW for the schematic) and ran my first DL/DL PSK31 QSO with DF0WD on 137.500 kHz.

Saw VE1ZZ's signal tonighton 136.500 kHz. If the assumed locator (FN84CW) is correct, the distance was 5278 km!

November 12, 2000

Haven't been qrv for a while due to some busniness trips, a nice trip to Windsor to the RSGB HF/LF Conventions and a niceone-week vacation in Cairo/SU. Beck home I found my station working fineand worked LG6LG as a new country! Added and updatedsome links.

October 8, 2000

Ran a test in BPSK yesterday and got reception report from several stations, ODX was fromAndy, G4JNT (800 km). Worked DK6NI as a new one,was called by DJ1ZB but Hajo's signal did not fully make it to ha a completeQSO. Change to QRSS, Hajo!

September 30, 2000

Today we invented a new way of crossband QSOs. While being logged intothe local dx-cluster I called cq on 136.690 kHz. Alan, G3NYK reported mysignal to his cluster. Immediately Klaus, DK6AO used the 'chat' optionof your cluster and gave me a reception report. Also Siggi, DC3AM connectedme throguh packet radio and gave me a reprot. I answered in CW on LF andthe first LF/dx-cluster qsos had been completed ... so if you hear me calling cq with QSX DX-CLUSTER, just give me a call over there ... . Also finally managed to work G3BDQ, not strong, but we madea QSO. Also worked Mike, PA0CC as a new one.

September 23, 2000

Interesting Saturday ... workedPetr, OK1FIG and his father Jiri, OK1ARN, both operating with a 150m highantenna tower. The produced the strongest signal I have ever heard on LF.I QSPd some messages from the e-mail reflector to Petr and Jiri back andforth, and they will try to cross the atlantic tonight. Also workedWolf, DJ4WS for the first time. He also has got an excellent signal, butstill some 20 dB weaker than the two OK stations, despite the fact he isonly 180 km away and not 423 km.

September 20, 2000

Added and changed some links.

September 3, 2000

Worked Rudi, DJ2EY asa new one. Paul, G4MD saw my slow-CW cq-call this morning and finally LWL Gamal managed to copy my signal ,Gamal is suffering from the bad QRM situation in the vicinity of several large longwave stations near Frankfurt.

September 1, 2000

Markus, DF6NM has completed a successful QSO withDJ2LF on 8.9 kHz. He also has prepared a good writeup on the theoreticalbackground why earth electrodes radiate.

August 28, 2000

After Tom, G3OLB heard my signals a while ago we finally managed tohave our first QSO (despite the heavy QRN tonight).

August 21, 2000

Nice LF weekend with good activity. WorkedDF2BC/p from the lighthouse Campen as a new one (missed him during hislast dx-pedition to the lighthouse). Also had a nice RTTY crossband QSOin RTTY (50 bd, 170 Hz shift) with the fieldday station DL0PE/p on theLuhberg in Peine with QSX on 144.575 MHz in FM. Did some promising tests with earth electrodes on 8.9 kHz during this weekend with the help of Tom, DL8AAE.

August 17, 2000

Updated/deleted/added some links.My new personal 8.9 kHz VLF record is 770m distance.

August 9, 2000

Added some information about my recent VLF achievements on 8950 Hz.

July 22, 2000

Added some further information on the VLF page.

July 15, 2000

Attending the "1st German Ham Radio VLF Meeting" at Nürnberg, well,Walter, DJ2LF, Markus, DF6NM and I had a nice beer together and exchanged ideas. Came back with loads of new projects and plans. Added a new picture to my index page.

July 9, 2000

Worked DK7KO as a new one. Added new links.Added a VLF page for ham radio below 9 kHz.

July 7, 2000

Several people are listening to LF without having TX capabilities. Igot some nice SWL or should I say LFL-cards. Added the SWL (LFL)-Callsigns to my logbook.

July 1, 2000

After Walter, DJ2LF and Markus, DF6NM started with some very low frequency tests recently, three of us have asked theGerman RegTP for a special license to use the range between 8.9 to 9 kHzfor scientific studies. The licenses were granted recently, with a transmitteroutput of 20 Watt and the modulation bandwidth limited to 100 Hz. I amcurrently testing an old 20 Watt music PA with two EL84 and have ordered100 pieces ferrite bars and 300m Litz wire to achieve the necessary 1/2Henry (!) coil to get my 18m vertical LF antenna tuned up to the 35 kmwavelength! We do not expect much DX from this band, however, tests perfomedin the US on 3.5 kHz (see http://home.pon.net/785/EQUIP/transmit2.html )and  in the UK by John, G0AKN ( http://www.wireless.freeserve.co.uk/)have revealed that a couple of miles can be reached ... we will keep youinformed. My personal goal for the beginning is to span 5 km ...

Probably it was never really understood for alot of fellow hams why Germany limits the output of LF transmitters to20 Watt. The main reason is the remote control application of the DCF39transmitter on 138.830 kHz. The German authorities feared that a higherpower would interfere with the small radio receivers that are build intostreet lights and other remote controlled devices. Continuous negotiationswith the German authorities, especially driven by Walter, DJ2LF, have reacheda first step towards a general application of a 1 W ERP rule. For a limitedperiod, five special licenses were issued (DJ2LF, DF6NM, DL1SAN, DF8ZRand DK8KW) to use 1 W ERP on LF. Probably more stations might be addedat a later stage. Main task of this test is to evaluate probable interferencebetween those other LF applications and the ham radio stations transmittingat high power. If no problems are being reported, we expect that 1 W ERPwill be generally allowed in Germany.

Added a new cartoon concerning this subject on the mainindex page.

June 27, 2000

Installed a new counter today.

June 12, 2000

It's been a long time since I updated this pagethe last time. The counter is gone, the Austrian Telecom had provided itfree of charge but obviously decided to cancel that service without notice. I will look for a new one (I had about 4300 visitors until today). Improved my station a little bit, I will report about details later. WorkedDJ7RDand DL0FTZ for the first time. Had a nice QSO with DF6NM, Markus, who transmittedSlow-Hell. WorkedLX1PD (country # 16).

May 14, 2000

Worked Wil, PA0BWL operating a station froma windmill (it is windmill weekend in Holland!) under PI4OSS. Also managed to work Markus, DF6NM for the first time in normal CW. CU next week inNürnberg, Markus!

May 12, 2000

HB0/DL1SAN heard me, I hear him ,but no valid QSO ... what a pity ...but worked DQ0KBM today, the Borkum "KBM"-Dx-pedition. We plan to have a LF meeting in Nürnberg, May 20, 2000. If you areinteretsted, please sen dan e-mail to .

April 23, 2000

Worked OK1DTN as a new one.

April 16, 2000

Worked the "Decca-Mast" dx-pedition (callsign on 73 kHz: G3GRO) crossband in normal CW (71.800 / 137.250 kHz), as I believe this was the first normal-CW crossband QSO G/DL. Thanks, guys for sharing that experience with you!

April 15, 2000

Worked the "Decca-Mast" dx-pedition G3WSC andmade some further field strength measurments. Changed "dBu" to "dBµV/m" in my logbook, for details on how I calibratedmy receiver/antenna system see here. Added a pagedescribing a quick practical anaysisof the signal strength advantage that Slow CW has compared to a normalCW signal (20 dB). Also added some further information to the field s trengthmeasurements of DCF39 of last week.

April 14, 2000

Added a new cartoon on my mainindex page.

April 13, 2000

April 13, 1973 I passed my German license exam and got the callsign DK8KW. As time goes by ... . Added new information on DCF39and the signal strength profile measurements Gamaland I took on April 8, 2000. Also took a field strength measurement of my own station and came to the conclusion that I onlyhave 30 mW ERP!

April 2, 2000

Today this page exists exactly one year. Over 3500visitors in the past 366 days show the interest in this subject. Best 73!

March 25, 2000

Worked Peter, G3LDO as my 4th crossband station71 kHz/137 kHz in Slow CW. Added an article inGerman language that I wrote as an introduction to ham radio on longwave.

March 20, 2000

Worked Laurie, G3AQC for the first time!

March 19, 2000

Worked Hellmuth, DF7VX as a new-one. Hellmuth is the DARC VHF/UHF/SHF manager and he mentioned in our QSO that the signals on LF sound very similar to EME!

March 12, 2000

Worked DL7YA as my firstLF station from Berlin. Added some new links . Boughta Siemens Selective Level Meter D2108. Nice receiver, but only limited use for LF: one filter is 20 Hz wide (too small) and the next followingis 400 Hz (too wide). Receiption from 50 Hz to 30 MHz, so a nice unit toobservee beacon stations on LF, MF and SW. Also got hold of a "Adret 2230A"frequency synthesizer (0 Hz to 1 MHz in 1 Hz steps), output 20 dBm (100mW).

March 6, 2000

The 73 kHz fever broke out! Added a screenshot of Dave, G3YXMwith his frequency now DDS-VFO controlled! WorkedM0BMU as a new one crossband 73 kHz/ 136 kHz!

March 5, 2000

After Markus, DF6NM reported the successful recepteion of several UKstations on the 73 kHz band, I got interested. Dave, G3YXMand I today managed our first crossband QSO 73 kHz/136 kHz (826 km). Soonlater I worked Graham, G3XTZ in the same manner(732 km). See Markus', DF6NM, well documented observationson those historical QSOs. Added some information on the GalvestonNDB (GLD) on 206 kHz, that I visited during my trip to the US.

February 13, 2000

Worked I5MXX as a newone.

February 12, 2000

Added a few links.

February 6, 2000

Worked OM2TW, a new countryfo me!

February 5, 2000

Spend a nice afternoon with Hen, DF3OE in my shack (see picture). Weworked7S6SAJ as a new one. This was the strongest ham station ever heard on LF(41 dBµV/m!). Also worked G3LDO, Peter for the first time (heardhim many times!). Hen also made his first QSOs on LF (the LF bug caughthim, so I am sure soon we will have a new callsign on the air). We wentout to the field to do some calibrated field strengthmeasurments with a 1m solid loop.

       Guest op Hen, DF3OE

February 2, 2000

Added some information on DCF39(or DBF39 or DCF49 or however it calls itself ...). Currently working onfurther measurements with my 1m diameter loop.Will keep you posted. Added some information on the receptionof DCF39 by stations in the United States.

January 22, 2000

Added some considerations to calibrate receiving equipment to read field strength in dBµV/m (thanks to Dick, PA0SE). Temporarily removed the search function (did not work properly). I will look for an alternative. Added a couple of links.

January 16, 2000

Added a Spectrogram picture of the transatlantic test of G3XTZ, G3YXMand G3LDO. Added a graph of Dicks (PA0SE) measurements.

January 15, 2000

Conditions seem to be good and more and more stations show up on theband. Added and changed bit and pieces here and there. Added a new cartoon on my main index page (again borrowed from the book "GIL, A Collectionof Classic Cartoons from QST", by Gil, W1CJD,  ARRL,Newington, CT). Added a map of worked squares.

January 9, 2000

I added an updated graph with signalstrength observations vs. distance. Today I workedG0MRF,the designer of my PA,for the first time in Slow CW.

January 8, 2000

Added OE5ODL as a new country to my list (#14).Also worked DJ9IE and DK5PT as new ones. Got a reception report from Berlin(DL7YA). Added a new link to Thelowfer's mailing list archive.

January 1, 2000

After hearing the SAQtransmissions on 17.200 kHz today with 559, I looked for more information about stations below 100 kHz. I was able to copy the WX transmissions ofVTX3 on 18.200 kHz. ZL4ALI had distributed a listof stations between 10 kHz and 100 kHz on PacketRadio, which I added to my page..

December 31, 1999

Added some pictures and a new cartoon.Added G3GRO as a new one worked. Have a nice startinto the year 2000!

December 24, 1999

Updated and removed some links.

December 16, 1999

To make it easier to remember, this page can nowbe reached under the new address http://www.qru.de .QRU? Check it out!

December 11, 1999

Added a page with some information on the TeletronLWF45 receiver. Updated the page about my station.

December 4, 1999

Finally reached over 1000 km! Managed to work Reino, OH1TN. Additionally worked Kai, OH3LYG with a QRB of 1317 km! Nighttime conditions seem tobe good these days...

November 23, 1999

Updated my logbook withthe QRB to GD0MRF: 987 km. Received e-mail from G0MRF: our QSO was the first GD - DL QSO!

November 21, 1999

Another exciting and succesful weekend. Using the RF amlifier/preselector of my Teletron LWF45 (2 x EF93 tubes!) to feed my MV62. I am not reallysure, but I believe I was able to reduce out-of band QRM a couple of dB.At least I can boost up signals by another 15 dB when there is low noiseon the band (DCF39 with pre-amplifier: -9.4 dBu !). Worked the GD-dxpedition(GD0MRF, GD3XTZ) with an excellent signal report on both sides. With IK5ZPVI worked my first Italian station LF/LF (we had a crossband QSO LF/160mbefore). Valerio and I had a crossmode QSO CW/Slow-CW (on 136.900, sorryfor any inconvenience). Tried to work OH1TN, but the QSO was incompletebecause I was unable to copy my report (Reino, we will give it anothertry!). Also completed my first normal CW QSO with HB9ASB. Updated my logbookaccordingly.

November 14, 1999

Added G3LNP as a new-one worked to my log .

October 31, 1999

Worked SM6PXJ, a new country for me! Today Wil, PA0BWL and I finally manged a QSO. Yesterday I visited the INTERRADIO, in Hannover. I boughtanother boat-ancor: A dedicated longwave receiver made by Teletron backin 1969, called LWL45. It has two ranges, one between 40 and 80 and anotherone between 80 and 160 kHz. It was used some 30 years ago by the GermanWeather Service to receive weather RTTY and FAX transmissions. It has abuild-in RTTY converter with an oscilloscope. Dick, PA0SE, has some moredetails (thanks, Dick, for the copy of the manual!).

October 24, 1999

The band is still good for new ones! After hearing Dave, MM0ALM callingfor a couple of hours today, we finally managed a QSO. Also managed tofinally be heard by OZ1KMR (see my logbook).

October 17, 1999

Added OZ8NJ as a new-one to my logbook.

October 14, 1999

In Windsor I presented some signal strength observationsthat I mad during my QSOs and during listening into the band. Here youfind the graph that show the difficult situationof (most) DL stations operating with 20 Watts.

October 13, 1999

Added a search option to my mainindex page.

October 10, 1999

Just returned from the RSGB HF Convention in Old Windsor near London. It was a wondeful experience to meet all those nice people behind all the callsigns you hear (or see) on LF or read on the reflector. Half of my logbookwas present and in the future they will surely re-name it to RSGB LF Convention(with some HF people also attending ...). After my return my XYL Andrea(DL3ABC) and I erected my telescopic antenna under severe weather conditions in high winds (it took us nearly an hour) and had a Slow-CW QSO with the guys back at Old Windsor (GB4RS). Also worked Petr, OK1FIG for the first time in Slow-CW.

September 26, 1999

Worked DF6NM as a newone in Slow-CW. Had another normal CW QSO with Petr, OK1FIG, now again a couple of dB stronger than last time. Mike, G3XDV improved his antennaand we had another 'o'/'o' Slow-CW QSO.

September 20, 1999

Another nice weekend with a couple of new QSOson Sunday (I was busy on Saturday, our folk-mucis group Piper'sWine had a public appearance). Logged PA2NJNand DJ1RL as new ones. Signals seemed to be a couple of dB down compared to other weekends. Noise also was low.

September 12, 1999

A nice weekend: weather was fine and the LF bandfull of new stations. Worked two new countries, OK1FIG and OZ5N, and two more new stations, DK1IS and DK9DX. CorrectedDJ6FU's callsign in my electronic logbook, itwas ok in my paper log (yes, I still do have that!). Got an e-mail fromHeinz, OE5EEG/5, who heard me and called me in vain ...

September 11, 1999

Dave, G3YXMand I just completed the first G/DL QSO in PSK31.Received some screen-shots of my PSK31 transmissionsfrom PA3BSH and DF3LP. Added some information and linksabout the HELL mode.

September 9, 1999

Added DJ7RD and GW3XDV/p in my log, both heardmy CW signal, Mike from a distance of 1029 km (new ODX for someone hearing me!).

September 5, 1999

I made a 1 hour PSK31 testtransmission today on 137.450 kHz and got a reception report from DJ2LF, 309 km away. He could even copy my signal with a 20 dB attenuator switched on. The transmitting system seems to work fine.

September 4, 1999

Added G4GVC and G3KEV to the list of newones worked. After we had a crossband QSO 2200m/80m in January and a Slow CW QSO in July I had a nice normal CW QSO with Dave, G3YXM.Worked on my SSB-LF station and started to runa couple of test transmissions in PSK31on 137.450 kHz.

September 2, 1999

Added a definition of dBu that I found in theInternet. The unit dBu is used in audio and RF engineering and that is the unit that my MV61 and MV62 selective level meters give as signal strength (by definition: 0 dBu=0.775 V, dBuis not to be mixed up with dB mico-volt, the letter "u" in this case standsfor "unterminated"). Added a few links on the eclipse-observation page and Vaino's (OH2LX) DCF39 field strength observation for August.

September 1, 1999

I have been to EI with my family during the past 14 days. Had a DatongLF converter and a Sony ICF-SW100 plus a couple of feet of antenna wirein my luggage so I was able to tune into the band from time to time. Iwas unable to copy any amateur signals and only could hear DCF39 very weak, however, I am certain that I operated the first LF listening post froma horse drawn caravan! Added OK1FIG and G4GVC to the list of stations that heard meand two spectrograms of my Slow CW signal recordedby G4NYK.

August 16, 1999

Added a link the page of Andreas,DL2KCL. Got hold of an MV62, the successor of the MV61selective level meter. Currently I am testing this new device that hasa digital frequency and signal strength readout. Seems to work well as a receiver.

August 14, 1999

Added some new stations heard, worked DL3FDO as a new one. Added one more GBR-Sunrise graph. Added some graphs of Vaino, OH2LX's field strength measurments on DCF39.

August 11, 1999

After a beautiful optical view on the eclipse today (about 88% here in Peine) I came back home and had a look on the field strength measurement of HBG75 on 75 kHz. Why are ther two maxima?

August 10, 1999

Indeed, it works. The strength anomaly of GBR at sunrise can clearly be seen!

August 9, 1999

Added a page with field strengthmeasurements of GBR at sunrise. This measurement was initiated by Jean-Jacques,ON5PG for scientific purposes. On Sunday, OE5EEG heardmy CW signal but could not answer me because their transmitter was down. Added a new cartoon on my index page (following a real experience of Wolf, DF2PY).

August 8, 1999

Well, finally decided to pull out my fibre-glas telescopic mast to thefull18m. Installed a second set of nylon guy wires. Had a couple of niceQSOstoday, added a spectrogram of DJ2LF and PA0MLCas a new one on my stations heard or worked page.Tried to receive G0AKN'searth current transmissions, without success.

August 7, 1999

After Steve, GW4ALG,heard my signal last weekend, we had a succesful QSOtoday in normal CW. Also worked DJ5DI as a new one. Shortened my 4 top-loadradials of my umbrella antenna and improved DCF39reception by another 2 dB.

August 3, 1999

Added Vaino's (OH2LX) fieldstrength plot forDCF39 for July. Added a link.

August 2, 1999

Added alist of LF utility stations, that canbe used as propagation indicators (thanks to Marco, IK1ODO). Re-organized the main index page. Added a link to the links-page.Changed the cartoon on the main indes page toreflect the ongoing discussions on the e-mail reflector about sparks andflashovers.

August 1, 1999

By e-mail, I got a nice report from Steve, GW4ALG.He had heard my QSOs yesterday with ON7YD and DJ2LF. He clearly could readmy signal. This is the new ODX of a station hearing me (880 km). So far,my new antenna setup doubled my reach. Well, after a nice CW QSO with Graham,G3XTZ, this morning, I have to say it nearly quadrupled my reach! Grahamis 732 km away! Also finally had a QSO with Wolf, DF2PY.

July 31, 1999

What a day! Hopefully I am not the new crocodile in town now. Called cq in normal CW with my new antenna setup and was first called by ON7YDand then by DJ2LF. While the QSO with Rik (my new CW ODX!) was relativelypainless, Walter, DJ2LF, needed a lot patience until I finally was ableto copy his callsign and my report through the noise, while he could copyme with readability 5! Ha-Jo, DJ1ZB, send me an e-mail telling me thathe called me also, but I could not copy him at all. Also could log PA0LEG(my first PA!) and PA0SE. My logbook is fillingup!

July 30, 1999

Added DF8ZR as a new one worked in Slow-CW on my page with stations heard or worked.

July 29, 1999

Currently I am experimenting with my umbrella-antena .I have re-positioned and shortened the radials a bit and thereby reduced overall losses. The reception of DFC39 has improved now from previously -46 dB(75) with the previousMarconi T-antenna down to -29 dB(75), eqiuvalentto S9+54 dB (S9=100 uV).

July 23, 1999

Changed the background color of the dBm/dB/uV/S-unit table to make printout easier (thank you Dave, G3YMCfor the hint!). Posted the second part of Vaino's fieldstrength measurment of DCF39.

July 22, 1999

Posted the first part of an interesting series of fieldstrength measurment of DCF39 performed by Vaino, OH2LX. More will followsoon.

July 21, 1999

Re-arranged the page describing my stationsetup a little bit. Added some linksand a dBm to dB to Voltage to S-unitstable.

July 20, 1999

Added a new cartoon on my indexpage. Cancelled a link.

July 18, 1999

Had another QSO with the U.K., Dave,G3YXM gave me a call after I called cq! Added a sketch of my antenna system.

July 17, 1999

Finally I got my new fibre-glas vertical antennasystem for LF set up (15 to 18m high, depending on wind conditions). With this antenna system just tuned-up, I called cq in Slow-CWand received an answer by Mike, G3XDV.My first 2-way contact intothe U.K.! Added a few new spectrograms.

July 16, 1999

Added Finbar's(EI0CF) dream, added a link to PA3BSH'shints about Spectrogram settings on the Slow-CWpage.

July 9, 1999

I found a PacketRadio Archive that lists all VLF@EU messages since 1996.

July 4, 1999

Added a spectrogram plot of G3YXM,as I assume. Is that you, Dave?

June 29, 1999

Added a new cartoon on the index-pageand another one on the noise-page.

June 27, 1999

After a nice QSO with Toni, HB9ASB (new ODX!), I updated the stationsheard/worked section and the corresponding Spectrogram-page.

June 26, 1999

Updated the Slow-CW section with the new parameters for Spectrogram5.0.5.

June 25, 1999

Added a few useful links .

June 22, 1999

I recorded the backgound noise over 24 hours at my QTH to find out about the best operating time (forthose of you who like to sleep long: sorry, best time for me is 04.00 UTC!).

June 20, 1999

Mike, G3XDV improved his antenna and his signal improved (see Spectrogramhere). Added PA0CC to the  stationsheard list. Added a list of  Loranfrequencies that should be avoided when calling.

June 19, 1999

Well, today I was able to spot Mike, G3XDV's signal (see hisSpectrogramhere). No 2-way QSO yet but we will try again! Also ON4ZK can be seen onthe same Spectrogram. Re-arrangedthe Spectrogram-page alittlebit. Still trying to find out the best parameters for Spectrogram 5.0.Any ideas?

June 14, 1999

Mike, G3XDV was able to copy my very weak Slow-CW signal 707 km away,which is a new ODX for me (updated the stationsheard (or seen) page)! The 137kHz mystery station has got a new aspect, maybe it is a station in the U.S.?

June 13, 1999

Updated the Spectrogram pageand the one with the stations heard(or seen).

June 12, 1999

Added an introduction to Slow-CWfor newcomers.

June 11, 1999

Added a page describing a DEBEGmediumwave transmitter that possibly can be converted to LF (and evenif not, the design is interesting). Added some longwave literature linksand a  Chat option .

June 2, 1999

Added some more links.

June 1, 1999

Just changed the colors slightly (thank you, DL1GAA) to make links betterreadable on the dark background. Counter climbed to over 320.

May 29, 1999

Added a poemin German language.

May 26, 1999

Added a graph of the filter shape-factor of theMV-61.K0LR posted some information on the RSGB reflector today, that might havehelped to identify the 137.000kHz station to be CFH from Halifax/Canada.

May 25, 1999

Made minor editions and corrections.

May 23, 1999

Added a new one to the stations I heard/worked:IK5ZPV is my new ODX (worked crossband, 1831 kHz/136.620 kHz, QRB 928 km!).Counter climbed to over 200 today! 4 entries in guestbook (tnx for yourcomments!). Added some links.

May 22, 1999

Added some information on DCF39 and the Greek RTTY station

May 21, 1999

Added a 135.7 - 137.8 kHz bandplan

May 20, 1999

Added some pictures (one of myself, several of my station, that is probablymore interesting to you)

May 19, 1999

Made some minor corrections (thank you, Gamal), added a small link inthe text (thank you, Butz), checked and deleted some dead links (what happened to the K0LR link?). The counter showed over 160 today!

May 10, 1999

Added some pictures, joined the "Amateur Radio Webring"

May 9, 1999

Restructured the page a little bit, added a new one to my  QSOand heard-list

May 1, 1999

Added a link to the Ropex "The First" transmitter on the linkspage. Added a "What's New" page (yes, this page!) and some details on mystation.

My counter showed 100 visitors today (well, including some visits bymyself, I must admit).

April 2, 1999

Created this page to provide some condensed information on longwave resources.





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